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Payment Methods

Fund Acceptance

Offering 100+ mainstream payment methods in Southeast Asia and striving to improve the payment success rate of users.

Free integration and lower charge rate than that of Google Play and Apple Store. Allopay Dashboard enable merchants to monitor all transactions and get transaction reports daily.

Fund Disbursement

Supporting batch disbursement of different amounts at the same time.All funds are transferred real-time through AlloPay Dashboard or by AlloPay API.

Supporting different types of destination accounts in various scenarios of fund disbursement.

About Us

AlloPay was incorporated in 2017 and has set up offices in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The founders came from leading enterprises in payment industry, with over 12-year experience.

AlloPay is expanding its business in Southeast Asia and strives to providing merchants with one-stop local payment services. In 2000, the total transaction volume has reached 2 Million with total value over USD 10 Million.

Our Strengthens

Secure and Reliable

With Hong Kong MSO License and PCI-DSS L1 certification, AlloPay’s anti-fraud system and risk management system guarantees the safety of the merchant’s transaction and fund in real time.

High Success Rate

AlloPay applies unifled path logic in alll payment methods, and processes data in real time to improve the success rate of transactions.

Low Charge Rate

AlloPay provides lower charge rate while supporting settlement in 10+ foreign currencies and the one-stop integration with a variety of payment methods.

Payment Partners

Top Industry Clients

Pricing Information

Free Integration

Customized integration services for merchants without any additional fees.

Low Transaction Fees

Lower fees based on merchants' business conditions to reduced transaction costs.

Flexible Billing Cycle

Billing cycle determined by merchants.

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